Why Winter Wiper Blades are Important

We suggest having winter wiper blades installed for driving in snow, ice, and freezing rain. It is more important to see out of your windshield in cold weather. With salt and slush thrown from other vehicles and driving in the dark seeing can be a problem. Make a wiper blade inspection part of your winter tune-up. Trade those worn out wipers for some winter wiper blades that work well. Have your dealer check for rips cracks and more in the blade. Check the wiper blades for corrosion and detaching at connection points.

Some winter wiper blades have covered the stainless steel portion preventing snow and ice damage. Some make beam type wipers a new design that has a flat piece of steel spring encased in plastic with the squeegee attached below this. It has no framework to become jammed of joints of pivots to wear down. Blade beam wipers maintain consistent pressure when wiping the windshield and are not prone to wind lift. The blade is made of synthetic rubber, and this makes it more durable and resistant to erosion.

Contact our team at Pierce Auto Center to inspect your wipers and learn more about winter wiper blades today!

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