Stay Safe on The Roads with Salt, Sand and Kitty Litter

A situation where your wheels are turning but your car going nowhere is all too common in the winter. Unfortunately, so is a situation where you might be going and unable to stop on a slippery surface. That's why salt, sand and kitty litter can be your friends.

  • Salt is the best for putting traction on roads and driveways, but it's very corrosive and can also be harmful to vegetation
  • Sand provides a decent amount of traction though not as much as salt, but it's non-corrosive and doesn't damage vegetation
  • Kitty litter should never be spread on surfaces, but it's alright to carry in your trunk and be used for short distances

Our Sagle, ID dealership also keeps your vehicle running well in the winter by making sure it's serviced and ready take on the tough conditions. All you have to do is bring your vehicle to Pierce Auto Center and our technicians will let you know what needs to be done.

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