Determine the Cost of Owning a New Vehicle

If you are about to make a big purchase, you want to know that you will be able to afford to fully commit to it. Therefore, it’s just as important for you to determine the cost of owning a new vehicle before you attempt to purchase one. Fortunately, our staff at Pierce Auto Center is here to help guide local Sagle, ID drivers towards greater financial success with their next vehicle.

  • Beyond the car payment, you will be spending money on insurance each month. Make sure that you can afford that.
  • You will need to be setting aside money each month for repairs that might have to be made in the future.
  • You will have little things that will come up that will require you to spend money, such as parking fees and oil changes.

One trip to our showroom can help you figure out if you are ready to purchase a new vehicle or not. Stop by our dealership at 30 Gun Club Road and learn about the costs that go along with purchasing and owning a new vehicle.

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