Tire Types

Your tires provide contact between your car and the road and are hence a significant determinant of how smooth your ride will be. Tires are different, and depending on your type of tires then you know the best places and times to drive without a struggle.

The three main types of tires are as follows.

All-season tires.

These tires are good to go all seasons of the year. They can withstand different weather conditions and also offer fuel economy.

Snow tires

These are also known as winter tires. They make a good grip on the road during wet conditions and are well designed to drain and expel water and snow.

Light truck tires

Fundamentally these tires are driven in highways and paved streets. However, manufacturers have also built these tires for all-season functionality. The main function of these tires is to handle vehicles that carry heavier loads but don't need off-road capabilities.

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