What Those Extreme Temperatures are Doing to the Car Battery

Each time you start your car when the temperatures are extreme, you do not even realize the trouble that could be occurring. Here is a closer look at what happens to the battery in extreme weather. In the severe cold weather, the car battery is sluggish just like all the fluids in the crankcase. Those chemicals are expanding too, and that can put pressure on the casing of the battery and cause permanent damage.

In the heat of summer, now you will have the opposite happen to the battery. Those liquids in the battery are at risk of evaporation at extreme temperatures. The less in the battery, the harder it will have to work to not only start the car, but to operate the windows, stereo, door locks, headlights, and the charging stations.

If you visit Pierce Auto Center, our team of service experts will test the car battery for you and replace if needed.

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