How Many Miles to Drive Before Oil Change

How many miles can you drive before your next oil change? It definitely depends on your vehicle make and model. The car, truck or SUV manufacturer recommends specific intervals for each individual vehicle. You can typically find these suggested intervals within your owner's manual.

You can also visit our service team for advice. Our professional technicians know which parts and tools to use for your specific make and model. They know the intervals each vehicle needs. We can help you set up a regular maintenance program that includes oil changes. Many modern vehicles can now go 7,000 miles between oil changes. That's a far cry from the 3,000-mile interval we were once told was standard.

Oil changes don't need to happen so often these days. It can save you money. Vehicles are better. Engines are designed better. The chemistry of oil has also improved. We still need to monitor the oil at regular intervals. Our service team at Pierce Auto Center can give you additional information about oil changes, performance, and evaluations. You can schedule an appointment with us today.

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