Scheduling Maintenance is as Easy as Pie When You Go Online

Having your car serviced can seem like a bit of a task. You have to call the dealer, make an appointment that fits your schedule, then actually make the time to get to said appointment. These reasons are exactly why we at Pierce Auto Center offer a new way to get service scheduling taken care of much quicker.

All you have to do is simply use our online service scheduler, complete the information requested, and set an appointment time that works with your schedule. If you prefer to call ahead, that option is still available as well.

Getting your car serviced and, if necessary, taking care of any needed repairs is important. We rely on our vehicles daily to take us and our families places and we all want to get there safely. Try out the new online scheduling today. All it takes is just a moment of your time and we'll make sure your car is in top shape for the road this season.

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