Book Your Car Appointment with the Online Scheduling App

The online scheduling app used by the dealership changes customer service forever. No more long waits for your car to get in a service bay, you can simply set up your next appointment when it feels right for you and makes the most of the rest of your day.

One of the reasons it is so important to get to the dealership to get the tires rotated is because it can extend the life of all the tires. If they wear unevenly, not only do they fail sooner, the tread could come free from the tire and lead to all sorts of other issues. With the online scheduling app, book your time to get the tires rotated in the future, so you never forget again. Having the online scheduling app to book your next oil change will minimize your time getting work done at the dealership.

Book a service appointment at Pierce Auto Center with our online scheduling tool right now.

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